Lion Decoration


Our skilled artisans use ethically sourced camel bones that are expertly cleaned, treated, and often dyed, setting the stage for a masterpiece.

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Camel bone crafts represent an ancient yet continually evolving art form that is particularly cherished in regions where camels are native or hold cultural significance. Skilled artisans utilize the bones of camels to create an array of objects that range from ornamental jewelry and intricate carvings to detailed miniatures and even furniture. The bone is carefully cleaned, treated, and often dyed to serve as a unique canvas. Artists then employ a variety of techniques, such as engraving, inlay work, and painting, to embellish the bone with designs that can be traditional or modern, or sometimes a blend of both. These crafts often feature motifs inspired by local history, mythology, and natural landscapes. The resulting pieces are not merely decorative items but works of art that encapsulate a rich cultural heritage and the exceptional craftsmanship that goes into creating them. Whether you come across a camel bone box adorned with Islamic geometric patterns or a sculpture imbibing elements of folklore, each piece tells a story of tradition, skill, and artistic vision.

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Dimensions 7 in



150 g


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