Flower Vase Kashmiri


This is a handmade Flower Vase Kashmiri DM finish jar shape display with flower design curving. For display purposes, not for serving use.

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Lahore, a vibrant and culturally rich city in Pakistan, is renowned for its artisanal mastery in various crafts, and metalwork is no exception. From the bustling markets of the Walled City to modern workshops, the art of metal crafting thrives as an enduring legacy. Skilled craftsmen work tirelessly, often using age-old techniques handed down through generations, to create intricate pieces that range from traditional utensils and religious artifacts to decorative items like vases, lanterns, and even furniture. Copper, brass, and silver are the primary mediums, each manipulated with an incredible level of detail and precision. The works often feature elaborate designs inspired by Islamic art, Mughal history, and local folklore. Whether it’s a finely etched brass plate or an ornately designed copper lamp, metal crafts from Lahore embody the skill, tradition, and soul of this historic city.

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Weight 3.80 kg
Dimensions 30 in





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