International Payments

ZurNain e-Mart facilitates its international customers to make payments with ease and convenience. We adopt the following payment policy regarding international payments.

Payment Methods

  • For international orders, the customers are required to pay 100% of the amount in advance.
  • ZurNain e-Mart supports methods for payment through Debit/Credit Cards, Wire Transfers, and PayPal.
  • Valid Debit/Credit cards issued by VISA, Mastercard, and American Express are accepted.
  • For Wire Transfers, important details including Bank Name, Account Number, Swift Code, and IBAN Number need to be mentioned on the checkout page.
  • For payment via PayPal, you can select the “Wire Transfer” option as a Payment Method at the checkout page. After order confirmation, you will be provided with a secure PayPal payment link. Following the payment link, you will be able to select the PayPal option and make payment through your PayPal account in a secure way.

Currency and Exchange Rates

All products are listed with prices in US Dollars (USD). Depending on the selected payment method and processing bank, exchange rates prevailing at the time of payment transaction (not at the time of placing or shipping order) shall apply while converting from your local currency to USD.

Privacy and Security

ZurNain e-Mart does not collect any payment information since all payment transactions are done on authentic third-party payment processing partner firms. Further, all transactions are conducted over secure SSL/TLS technology, which ensures the safety and security of all our customer information.

Illegal Payments

ZurNain e-Mart does not accept payments from illegal, banner organizations and individuals. In case ZurNain e-Mart finds any such case, ZurNain e-Mart has the right to cancel an order with immediate effect.